Monday, October 5, 2009

There is Work Out There For You : Retool for Job Success!!

As you know, this blog is about taking control of your life. Your money. Your wealth. We focus on how to protect yourselves against the MONEY GRAB going on by banks. While most banks stay on the right side of thing...the fact is WHEN A BANK IS TROUBLE, WATCH OUT BECAUSE IT'S YOUR MONEY THAT'S GRABBED. Almost Everyone one, every organization has a debt problem. But of course, when debt problems add up to Trillions of Dollars. Who pays for it?

You all ready now the answer. Yet, you can't just sit back. You need to stand up and take control. Even when times are tough, if you persist and dig deep, you can improve your life.


I saw this article today and it reinforced a theme, an idea running thru my head. Essentially employer's are having trouble finding qualified applicants for accounting, health care, software sales, actuaries, data analyzing, physical therapy and engineering. There seems to be a "mismatch" between the skills current job applicants have and the skills needed for the job.

While the media screams "recession, recession, hopelessness, recession" (Yes it's true there is a recession), it could also be pointed out that there are opportunities to succeed. You do not have to stay jobless or without money.

Kate Lorenz from Career Builder has a great article on How to Find A Job During A Recession. She talks about 9 steps to getting yourself back on track. The italicized Bottom Line are my interpretations of each step.

The steps are:

Step 1.) Take a close look at industry data. Bottom Line: Do research on industries looking to fill jobs, find out how is hiring, & learn to do what it takes to get that job.

Step 2.)
Freshen up your skills. Bottom Line: The internet equalizes the knowledge field. If you don't have time to learn offline then study online. No excuse.

Step 3.)
Try part time of freelance work. Bottom Line: Become some persons apprentice or intern so you have a foundation in the skill area you are developing.

Step 4.)
Rev up your social networking. Bottom Line: It's all about connections. Whoever you meet, just tell them what you seek to do. Be come a walking, talking billboard.

Step 5.)
Think in terms of results. Bottom Line: Talk about your achievements and what you have actually done.

Step 6.)
Role play. Bottom Line: This is not about your acting skills. Practice what you will do and say to create your opportunity and get what you want. Don't care if you stand in front of a mirror, or talk to your pet, or video record yourself and play it over and over. Just Do It.

Step 7.)
Polish your brand and market it. Bottom Line: We all "judge a book by it's cover". Never assume. Dress for Success and put forward the best you.

Step 8.)
Find opportunity in your current position. Bottom Line: Perhaps there are tasks in your current job that can put a positive eye on you. Maybe there is an opening. Brighten your star with current management. Do a little extra. A door can open.

Step 9.)
Be Realistic. Bottom Line: You are not alone, so there is competition. It will take time but never give up. Just focus on your efforts and believe in yourself. It can take several months so be ready.

I truly hope this helps you. The goal is to provide a spark, so your engines start revvin' up.

Remember to believe in yourself. Accept the support and love from family and friends. Always remain hopeful. Commit to action. Just Do it.

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