Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oh No You Didn't....More on the Citizen's Economic Theory of Relativity

I guess it boggles the mind when are lead to believe "The Economy is getting better."

We are living in the Economic Theory of Relativity. It goes something like this. In the beginning of the year we were told that THIS IS THE WORSE ECONOMIC CRISES SINCE THE GREAT DEPRESSION. Fear everywhere. Banks were collapsing. Governments were crumbling. People hoarding cash. Pensions going bust. Trillions of Dollars in citizen wealth vaporized.

So the Heads of State got together and announced Massive Measures to save the world. They said we must give trillions of dollars to the banks for without them we shall suffer. So they gave. We must lend trillions of dollars to big businesses for without them you shall have no jobs. no security. So they gave and gave and gave.

Wait a minute...are not the world governments in Debt. A Resounding "YES, but it doesn't matter". We can just print money. Print money. Raise the taxpayer debt burden. Just print and give.

So give they Did. The results are MAGNIFICENT. Did you hear? Banks are making more money than before. The Auto industry is way up. Can you say "Cash for Clunkers". Wow. Health Care companies can't stop making money. Oil is Up. Mobil, Chevron, and their buddies are just rolling around with loot. Will you look at that, the stock market is up. Give Praise. Give Thanks. Hand slaps. Hugs, kisses, job well done. Businesses are Back in Business.

But wait a minute Where's Our Bailout. The Citizen Bailout. Well you didn't notice. The BIG STIMULUS was passed. And it sure STIMULATED. We received job security. We were given a break on paying our bills. Every persons pension, IRA, stock investment was protected and insured. The government sent out $50,000 checks to everyone...Oh Yeah wait a minute...

We were STIMULATED by Media Noise. Yes. The Media told us things are better. And Dammit It Sure seems that way...IN MY MIND.

So let's look at a few recent indicators of the success of our economy.

Surge in Homeless Pupils Strains Schools. This is how the bailout money protects children!!!!!!

Gold Way Up. Just Broke $1000 per ounce. Dollar Way Down. That's great. Oh wait a minute. Most people have their investments in dollars not gold.

Consumer Credit Contracts a Record $21.6 billion. Love it. That means we are no longer debtors...Oh hold on. Banks will not lend. Banks are hoarding cash, including the bailout money. Less credit. Less small business loans. Less spending. More job loss. With cash gone many people relied on credit.

Food-Stamps Reach 33.8 Million in April, 5th Consecutive Monthly Record. There is nothing good about this.

216K Jobs Lost, 9.7% Unemployment Rate. This highest unemployment rate in over 25 years. Ummmmmmmm.

Let's not forget that there are more foreclosure than ever before. More not less. Foreclosure filings are UP not DOWN.

Let's close out with Health Care Stats from SICKO.

So goes the Citizens Economic Theory of Relativity.

Let's move on. Work together and fight for what's good for us all.

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