Saturday, December 23, 2017

Latest Mortgage & New York Foreclosure News - 12-23-2017

The Federal Housing and Finance Agency Changing Credit Models To Expand Homeownership Opportunities
FHFA’s request for input is a step forward towards creating a marketplace where credit scoring models can be judged on their predictiveness, innovation and inclusivity instead of the status quo where the government has created a de-facto monopoly for FICO,” said Barrett Burns, VantageScore Solutions president and CEO. “Monopolies never benefit markets or consumers and they create the opportunity for pricing power unchecked by competition. Read More at HousingWire.

New Foreclosure in NYC Up 79% in 3rd Quarter 2017
The number of first-time foreclosures in NYC surged 79% year-over-year in Q3 2017 – 859 homes were scheduled, compared to 481 in Q3 2016. After a peak in foreclosure activity in Q2 2017, with 911 new foreclosures scheduled across all 5 boroughs, Q3 2017 brought a slight slowdown in the number of cases. This translates into a 6% decrease quarter-over-quarter, following a trend we’ve noticed when tracking foreclosure data as Q3 is usually slower than Q2. By property type, single- and two-family homes have seen the highest increases in Q3 2017. Read More at Property Shark

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