Sunday, November 8, 2015

Using a Mind Map

I began using mind mapping software in 1998. A mind map is a visual outline of my thoughts...of my ideas on any subject matter. The mind mapping software provides tools to help connect and to help organize my brainstorms. The underlying premise of mind mapping software is simple. It is a graphical outlining tool. A mind map project always begins with the main concept. The software allows me to create an icon of my main concept. I can then create "branches" of additional ideas that "grow" from the main concept. For example, I am working on an online tool that can assist homeowners with applying for a loan modification. The name of my project is "Loan Mods Made EZ". This is how the mind map may start out: 

As you can see from the Loan Mods Made EZ icon I created connecting branches of elements of what I believed to be necessary to move the project forward. Most important, I efficiently captured my thought process. There is no limit to how large a mind map can grow. The mind mapping software allows me to connect files, videos, web pages, and pictures. Most mind mapping software contain useful tools that allow one to create, connect, and organize all of the information needed to develop an idea or concept. I have been using visual mind since 1998 however there are many great mind mapping products to choose from.  
Needless to say that using mind mapping software does not necessarily equate to launching a successful business. I have a few mind maps that...let's say...have been sitting on my hard drive waiting to be re-opened.
The tool has allowed me to better organize my priorities. My many mind maps act as reminders of my desired objectives. The maps keep me focused on the purpose of my daily grind. The maps have helped me maintain perspective during some of the most difficult times in my life. The maps have contributed to my successes. A mind map is simple to create yet a powerful boost for growing your empire.   

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