Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Strategic Default TV : A Local Arizona News Station Struggles (just a little) With Strategic Defaults

A local news station in Arizona,, portrays strategic defaults as if it is a new phenomenon. Many of our readers understand that there is nothing new about "strategic defaults". Despite a few of the negative statements made by the newscasters one thing is made clear: A properly planned and executed strategic default can improve the financial future for yourself, your family, and your business. 

In the end even the newscasters are unable (or unwilling) to seriously argue against a strategic default. The bottom line is that a strategic default will continue to evolve into a financial tool to preserve cash, savings, and wealth. 

One of the newscasters references a recent article on regarding the rise of strategic defaults. You can click here to read the article

The decision to strategically default should never be taken lightly. It requires serious consideration, careful planning, a team of knowledgeable professionals, a thorough understanding of the risks and rewards, and the confidence that it will place you in a better financial position. 

Knowledge is power. 

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