Friday, August 5, 2011

Got Questions? Get Answers... KO Wants A Plan To KO Bank of America For Not Responding To A RESPA Request

Got Questions?

I recently ordered and read your book and I have a few questions particular to my situation. I hired a loan modification company about six months before I ran out of credit to juggle, in order to make my mortgage payments. The loan modification company has done a good job working for me and they are not what this email is about, I just mention it to explain my current circumstances. I now have not made a payment for almost a year. The loan modification company has been consistently working with the bank's loss mitigation department, which is why the bank has not begun the foreclosure process. It's been the bank's lack of action to come forward with a loan mod offer that has taken so long.

Then in May of this year I worked with a guy who's house in Reno has lost over half of it's value since his purchase in 2006. He used to be an accountant and had been reading about the derivative and MERS mess with mortgages. He was very angry in the fact that the banks had sold off loans once to Wall Street, continued to collect mortgage payments after the derivatives had crashed and then received bail outs from us tax payers on top of it.  Now his house is worth less than half of what he paid all because of the bubble the banks and politicians created.

In December of 2009 he saw an article in the paper about a Law Firm in Reno who was helping homeowners fight back against the banks. He hired the Law Firm who immediately had him stop making his mortgage payments. Over a year later they finally went to court with the bank, who at the hearing could not show that they either owned the Note or who was the actual owner of the Note for which they were servicing the loan. The Judge stopped the hearing until the bank could prove that they had the legal right to collect or foreclose on the house. He and his family are still living in the house today, rent free, and saving their mortgage payments in case some day someone does come forward with the note.

I explained my underwater and default situation to him and he told me to just start searching online and get educated on all that has gone on with the banks, derivatives and MERS. Since I bought my home in early 2007 my mortgage was probably also securitized and sold off.

In my research I came across your website and ordered your book on Strategic Default. Through your advice as well as many other web sites on the subject, I decided to send off a RESPA letter. I added to my request that if Bank of America claimed to still own the Note on my house that I would like to set up a viewing of the original 'wet ink' Note for verification. This concept came from a few sites, in particular

While Bank of America did respond and sent copies of all of the original documents of which I already had copies, their response to the viewing of the original note was, "You cite no legal authority that supports your claim that you are entitled to view the original Note, and we are not aware of the existence of any such authority.  Accordingly, Bank of America, N.A. respectfully declines this request.  If you wish to pursue this matter further, please provide such legal authority."

Do you have any advice in this situation? 

Is "Show me the Note" something you recommend pursuing?

If so, what is the best way to find a lawyer in Washington State to assist me in this pursuit?

Thanks for any help. KO

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