Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year !!!!

Happy New Year. We all made it to 2011. Somehow, someway, to breath another day. 

The feeling of change in the beginning of a new year can be used to create a meaningful focus in our lives. For those of you who read our website...Thank You for visiting and taking time to read our content. 

We believe that your primary concern is how to strategically default the right way with the least financial and emotional impact. We believe you are seeking solutions to protect yourself, family, cash, savings, and wealth when deciding to not pay a debt. 

One thing is for certain in 2011, strategic defaults will continue to rise. Thus the demand (and need!) for solid, reliable, and actionable information will continue to be strong. 

We will be coming out with a new look and feel for our website. It will be easier to access our content based on categories and interest. We will be adding a strategic default calculator, forms, and other tools to better help you with a strategic default. We will continue to provide detailed steps for an effective strategic default. We will be adding a forum for our readers to share their experiences. Our goal is to continue to provide the best and free strategic default resource on the planet. 

We are predicting that the key issues for strategic default this year will be: 
  • What Initial Steps Should One Take - you must be prepared to organize your financials, gather documents, put together an action plan, and understand the risks and rewards. Please go to this link to learn about our affordable introductory guide to strategic default. The book is a comprehensive guide towards the successful completion of a strategic default. 
  • Asset Protection - how to protect your cash, savings, and wealth from creditors before, during, and after a strategic default. You must consider how to wisely invest your cash, savings, and wealth before, during, and after a strategic default. You can visit this link to learn more
  • Deficiency Judgments - how to prevent a deficiency judgment and how to reduce the amount owed on a deficiency judgment. Please visit this link to learn more about deficiency judgments and visit this link to learn how about debt defense
  • Risks and Liabilities After Walking Away - how to minimize any financial risks or liabilities from a property after walking away. Even if you walk away, if your name is still on the property you can still be liable. Read this post to learn more. 
  • Impact On Credit Scoring - credit scoring and reporting agencies have indicated their intention to lower credit scores more if a borrower strategically defaults than if a borrower does not have the money to pay. Read this post to learn more. 
  • Impact On Getting A Loan - Also, it may be more difficult to get a loan, including mortgage loans, if the lender learns the potential borrower strategically defaulted. Read this link to learn more. 
  • Debt Defense Strategies - More and more people will seek to learn about and employ debt defense strategies that make it difficult if not impossible for a lender to legally collect a debt. Visit this link to learn more. 
  • Societal Discussion On A Large Scale - The "morality" and "ethics" of a strategic default will move center stage as the main stream media, big business, and government will attempt to pit those people who pay their debt against those people who don't in an effort to suppress the strategic default movement. Of course this will divert attention from the fact that businesses and governments strategically default every time it's in their best interest. 
  • Strategic Defaults Will Continue To Increase And Be More Acceptable - It will soon become common knowledge that for most people stuck in a negative equity or high debt to income position, a strategic default will be one of the wisest and best decisions to protect their family and their finances. 
  • Government Action From Business Lobbying Seeking To Create Rules Or Laws To Stop Strategic Defaults - Let's face it. A strategic default by a consumer effectively shifts the burden and cost of the debt back on to the lender. Especially since lenders recognize that the real estate and other property securing the debt is worthless. We should expect some lobbyist influenced rule or law that will try to make it more costly or difficult for an average citizen to employ a strategic default. 
Well there you have it. Thank you so much for visiting this site. We continue to welcome your comments and suggestions. We want you to make this the best year it can be for yourself, your family and your business..


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