Tuesday, December 21, 2010

DEBT DEFENSE MUST READ ALERT : Is It Possible To Face Jail For Not Paying A Debt?

This is a long post but it is worth the time to read everything

This post is based on a story written in The Home Equity Theft Reporter. The Home Equity Theft Reporter is a must read for people seeking to protect their home, cash, and investments from improper debt collection and foreclosure practices. 

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that a 57 year old woman was arrested while driving home. At first she did not know why. After being placed into a county jail she learned that she was arrested for missing a court date over a lawsuit for an unpaid debt.

Got Questions? Get Answers...AR Wants To Protect His Retirement

Got Questions?

Enjoyed your book, but it doesn't address retirees walking away from a home. What assets can a bank pursue if I'm retired & walking away from a home I own in NJ? I've been told retirement money (401K, pension, social security, bank accounts) are Teflon from all except the IRS. Is this accurate? Please clarify.



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